Credit Card Information

President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard

President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard

Interest on:

Annual Fee




Cash Advances


Balance Transfers

5.97% 1

  • Earn 10 PC points for every dollar of every purchase made with your card
  • After approval, receive 4 coupons for 5,000 PC points each, which translates to $20 in free groceries
  • Get an extra 5,000 PC points when you apply online
  • Low balance transfer rate for eligible new customers

More Features:

  • Purchases are automatically insured if stolen, lost or damaged in the first 90 days
  • The manufacturer’s regular warranty is doubled for up to one additional year
  • Get up to 4 additional cards on your account - FREE for family members
  • With the PayPass feature on the PC MasterCard you can just tap your card, get your receipt and check out




  1. for 4 months, 19.97% thereafter.
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