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Peoples Trust MasterCard

Peoples Trust MasterCard

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    Secured cards are an excellent way to establish a positive credit history and are designed especially for people with no credit history, or who have experienced past credit problems.

    The Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® looks and works just like any other MasterCard; only the customer and Peoples Trust will know that the card is secured. The only difference is that a security deposit is required (a minimum of CAD $500.00 to a maximum of CAD $25,000.00) to open a Secured MasterCard account. Peoples Trust will place the deposit in a GIC account (eligible for CDIC insurance) which will serve as collateral for the Secured Credit Card.

    The applicant will then receive a Peoples Trust MasterCard credit card with a limit equal to 100% of the security deposit.

    Peoples Trust reports the customer’s payment history monthly to both Equifax and Trans Union, helping customers improve their credit rating. By using the card responsibly and making payments on time every month, Peoples Trust Secured Card customers can soon discover the benefits of building a positive credit profile!

More Features:

  • 100% Secured Minimum $500 to Maximum $25,000 deposit required
  • Security deposit is placed in a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate), eligible for CDIC insurance, which carries an annual interest rate of 0.50%.
  • Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® is a credit card designed to re-build or establish a credit history
  • Offered across Canada (including Quebec) with service provided in English and French
  • Almost everyone qualified, approval is virtually guaranteed
  • To qualify: must be of legal age, reside in Canada and have a valid SIN




  1. ($5.80/month; collected monthly)
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