Credit Card Information

Harley-Davidson® Mastercard® credit card

Harley-Davidson® Mastercard® credit card

Interest on:

Annual Fee




Cash Advances

24.99% 1

Balance Transfers

21.99% 2

You could be one purchase away from winning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle††

  • You could get a 1.99% promotional annual interest rate (“AIR”) for 10 months on balance transfers [completed within 90 days of account opening], with a fee of 1% of the amount advanced (minimum fee of $7.50)
  • Earn 1 Genuine Rewards Point or every $2 in eligible purchases
  • Redeem your points for Harley Chrome® Cash to be used at participating Harley-Davidson Canadian retailers
  • Use your card for eligible purchases and you may be entered in a quarterly Harley-Davidson motorcycle draw
  • No annual fee

More Features:




  1. 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee $7.50)
  2. 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee $7.50)
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