Credit Card Information

Desjardins VISA® - Odyssey GOLD

Desjardins VISA® - Odyssey GOLD

Interest on:

Annual Fee

$110 1


19.40% 2

Cash Advances


Balance Transfers


  • Earn up to 2% of your purchases in BONUSDOLLARS
  • Rewards program allows you to accumulate BONUSDOLLARS and exchange them against travel, gifts, tickets to shows and Desjardins products and services
  • All-inclusive travel insurance
  • Accord D Desjardins financing, a second, separate credit limit
  • Cash advances up to $5,000 a day, anywhere in the world

More Features:

  • Insurance in case of loss, theft, damage or fire for most goods purchased with your card
  • Extended warranty of up to one year on goods purchased
  • ZERO liability in the event of unauthorized use of your card
  • No-fee traveller's cheques
  • Discounts up to 20% at Hertz worldwide
  • Access to AccèsD to manage your VISA account online
  • Free access to our Travel Assistance Service
  • Low-cost additional card
  • Register for the Overdraft Transfer service to cover a cheque, bill payment, or any other transaction that exceeds the balance in your Personal Chequing Account (PCA) or any other eligible account




  1. $90 for cardholders age 76 and over.
  2. Low 11.8% interest rate available for an additional $30 per year.
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