Credit Card Information

Canadian Tire Options MasterCard®

Canadian Tire Options MasterCard®

Interest on:

Annual Fee



19.50% 1

Cash Advances

n/a 2

Balance Transfers

n/a 3

  • Earn Canadian Tire 'Money' rewards everywhere you shop
  • Redeem your Canadian Tire 'Money' On The Card® awards at any Canadian Tire store
  • Enjoy Cardmember exclusive offers

More Features:

  • Worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants across the globe
  • Cash advances at any Automated Bank Machine (ABM) that displays the MasterCard® or Cirrus® logos
  • FREE Online Account Inquiry at
  • FREE supplementary cards
  • 24-hour customer service for lost or stolen cards
  • 4 ways to pay your bill: at Canadian Tire stores, at your bank, by mail or by epost™. See your Benefits Booklet or statement back for details
  • Guard your card online with MasterCard® SecureCode™




  1. If you are not approved for a card at this rate, Canadian Tire Bank may still issue you a card at an interest rate of 25.99%.
  2. Interest rate not mentioned on website.
  3. Interest rate not mentioned on website.
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